Don’t Get Fooled: Burger King Toothpaste and More April Fools’ Pranks to Watch Out For

We’ve rounded up the funniest and weirdest April Fools’ Day pranks from brands like Burger King, KFC, Cheetos, and more

We anticipate it every year and yet… we really wish these fake products were real.

April Fools’ Day is right around the corner, and nowadays it’s less about turning cereal boxes upside down and putting nail polish on soap, and more about brand and product pranks around the web. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites one day ahead of time so you don’t get fooled by moisturizing marinara sauce.

Burger King Whopper Toothpaste: It’s a pretty clever ad, but don’t get fooled by its extensive marketing — this is one product that’s not actually hitting shelves anytime soon. (Who would honestly want their breath to smell like fast food anyway?)

Auntie Anne’s Logo Change: We were almost fooled by the Auntie Anne’s logo change from their traditional pretzel-centric image to the Snapchat flower crown. We’ll see you at Coachella, Auntie Anne’s!

Sodastream Fake Sparkling Water: Paris Hilton stars in this spoof advertisement about a fictitious brand of sparkling water that’s 5,000 times more hydrating than regular water. It’s “the greatest invention since drinking.”

Grubhub Delivery X: This is one April Fools’ Day prank we wish was real. Grubhub announced an elite delivery team known as “Delivery X” (Delivery Without Limits), that hires BMX riders and skateboarders to get your food to you “in whatever way possible.” Sounds radical.

Jim Beam’s Jim Beans: Inspired by people constantly messing up their brand name, this spoof product is “the perfect snack” to accompany a glass of Jim Beam whiskey. Bottoms up!

Krispy Kreme Spelling Change: Krispy Kreme UK is claiming we’ve been pronouncing “Kreme” wrong our whole lives, so they’ll be making a permanent name change to “Krispy Cream” to avoid confusion. Not the best prank we’ve ever heard, but we’ll allow it.

Fresh Direct Pitless Avocados: Wouldn’t this make life a lot easier? Fresh Direct has jokingly created the pitless avocado spoof in order to make your guac’ recipes a lot less tedious.

Buffalo Wild Wings Beard Sauce: We’ve heard of beard wax and conditioner, but this takes marinating your chin fuzz to a whole new level. Buffalo Wild Wings’ “wild” prank product is a “beard-growing hot sauce” known as the Rally Beard. There are worse things than smelling like a pile of chicken wings.

Carrabba’s Marinara Face Mask: This is pretty much what Italians do anyway, right? Unfortunately, the Italian restaurant chain’s “Pomodoro Moisturizing Masque” is a red herring. But sticking your face in a plate full of saucy pasta can’t be bad for you… right?

KFC’s Smart Bucket: “The finger-lickin’ future is here.” Although KFC’s Smart Bucket that’s capable of ordering fried chicken for you isn’t real, we imagine something like this might actually be in the works for our smart device-obsessed world.

Cheetos Lapkins: There’s nothing worse than getting orangey Cheetos dust everywhere when you’re munching on your favorite crunchy snack. These “lapkins” stick to your lap with adhesive and are perfect for detaching messy crumbs. Actually, can we get a Kickstarter for this? We’d totally buy it in real life.