Cheetos Is Releasing a Makeup Bronzer and a $20,000 Gold Ring

Cheetos just released its first ever holiday gift guide including Cheetos bronzer, cufflinks, and a “cheesy” yellow gold ring

Do you think Donald Trump will want to shop here?

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who’s notoriously hard to buy for? Look no further than Cheetos’ admittedly bizarre first-ever luxury holiday gift guide.

The online catalog features a deluge of Cheetos-themed wearables like Cheetos bronzer (for achieving that perfect orange, Jersey Shore-like glow), Cheesy cufflinks using an exact clay mold of Chester’s paw, Flamin’ Hot Pants (aka spandex leggings), and the dazzling Eye of the Cheetah 18-karat yellow gold ring, boasting a magnificent 4.7-carat orange sapphire for only $20,000.

You can also buy more thrifty items like a Chester onesie, Cheeteau perfume (which has already been released much to the olfactory dismay of the public), a tiny “bathing brief” for men, and Cheetos toilet “paw-per.”


We would say that this sounds like an early April Fool’s Joke but the site looks legitimate, and the checkout actually works.