Celebrate Your Most Primal Instincts With These Bear Claw-Shaped Meat Shredders

Here's the summer grilling item you had no idea you needed: bear claw meat shredders.

If you're the kind of person who can't resist trying to grab a piece of meat as soon as it leaves the oven or grill, or perhaps you don't love getting your hands dirty when making pulled pork, the bear claw is ready to take over for you.

Plus, if you have any inclination to emulate Wolverine from X-Men and you find that real life doesn't really offer you those opportunities, this particular kitchen utensil might be tailor-made for you — though we do not endorse engaging in any sort of combat with these things.

Besides pulled pork, you could also use these $10 claws to shred your protein of choice, as long as it's been cooked long enough, so let your imagination roam free.

Heck, we bet you could mix a decent salad with them, if you're gentle.