The History Of Delivery Drones

Over the weekend Amazon debuted its delivery drones for Amazon Prime on 60 Minutes, with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealing one of Amazon's biggest services: Amazon Prime Air.

The service, which delivers products by flying robot drones, is slated for a 2015 rollout depending on FAA approval, Mashable reports, with the drones aiming to deliver products around 30 minutes after the customer hits "buy" on

Of course this isn't the first time drone delivery services have been pitched. We've seen everything from Tacocopters to Burritobots to sushi-delivering drones. And while some of them have turned out to be hoaxes, others are definitely in the works. The FAA, in the meantime, has historically had issues with commercial drones, so the Amazon deal isn't finalized just yet.

Click through our slideshow to check out the history of food-delivery drones. And if Amazon's drones get approved, the food possibilities are endless. Check out Amazon's delivery video below.