Hidden Valley Debuts Secret Sauce In 3 Flavors

Ranch is one of the most iconic condiments of all time. You can use it for carrots and other vegetables, on salad, with wings or to level-up frozen pizza. Now, Hidden Valley is taking it a step further with all new products for all the dipping and drizzling your heart desires.

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First up: Hidden Valley Secret Sauce. This creamy condiment comes in three flavors including cool and tangy Original, Spicy and Smokehouse. Get it for around $3.49 per 12-ounce bottle in the salad dressing aisle at grocery stores nationwide, and use it on tacos, fries, hot dogs or burgers. And a creamy sauce is the secret behind some of your favorite fast food copycat recipes, so load up that burger and pretend you're at In-n-Out or Shake Shack.

The condiment company is also launching a new dipping sauce, dubbed Blazin' Hot. You know what that means: It's not the hottest hot sauce in the world, but it will "melt your face off" in the "ranchiest, coolest way possible," according to the brand, and it's their spiciest offering to date.

Blazin' Hot joins Bold Buffalo, Ranch-Dipped Pizza and Zesty Ranch Chip in Hidden Valley's Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauces line. It's suggest retail price is $3.19 per 12-ounce bottle. The buttermilk, onion and habanero cream sauce is best paired with chicken tenders, french fries, pizza and wings — but why stop there? Get crispy, crunchy mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers and more with these tips and tricks on how to fry food at home.