Hershey’s Wants You to Stop Worrying: American Cadbury Eggs Won’t Be Affected

The UK formula for Cadbury creme eggs may be changing, but Hershey’s confirms that it won’t affect American eggs

Don’t count your chocolate eggs before they hatch. 

It’s no secret that people have been panicking over the recent announcement that Cadbury would soon be changing the formula of its creme eggs (and not for the better). In the U.K., the candies, which used to be made with Cadbury’s famous Dairy Milk chocolate, will now be made with powdered-milk-based chocolate instead. But Hershey’s, who distributes the Cadbury creme eggs in America, confirmed that the American formula will not be changed.

“The Cadbury creme egg product sold in the U.S., that American consumers know and love, remains unchanged. The announcement only affects the product sold in the U.K.," a spokesperson for Hershey's told Grub Street.

But as it turns out, the American version actually hasn’t used the original U.K. recipe in quite some time.

“The U.K. creme eggs are sweeter and the chocolate is a different recipe," Colin Pitt, education manager at Cadbury World, told The Star. “Dairy Milk in the U.K. uses full cream milk. America would use a powdered milk.”


Americans have gotten used to this version, so there’s no use crying over powdered milk.Perhaps instead of outrage, there should be for a time of mourning for the high-quality chocolate that could have been.