You Can Now Brew Bone Broth in Your Keurig

The Paleo-favorite ‘liquid lunch’ is now available in a recyclable K-cup

LonoLife offers two bone broths and three less traditional broths.

Bone broth-lovers, rejoice: LonoLife has collaborated with San Diego Coffee Co. to develop a bone broth K-cup, according to Food Business News. The product was unveiled at the Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, exhibiting its ability to be used within the Keurig Green Mountain system. As an added bonus, the K-cup pod used is 100 percent recyclable.

LonoLife offers five products in their line: two bone broths, beef and chicken, and three other less traditional varieties, which are chicken, mushroom, and vegetable. The chicken broth is sourced from chicken stock, the mushroom variety is made with white button mushrooms, and the vegetable broth features a “cornucopia of fresh vegetables,” according to LonoLife.

The company follows in the footsteps of Campbell Soup Company, which first demonstrated that Keurigs can be used for more than just coffee. Brian Hoppe, national sales director for LonoLife, says, “That really showed us this can work. Bone broths are a perfect fit and they are on trend as people look for products high in protein that are nutritious.”


The 10-cup packs of chicken bone broth and beef bone broth cost $19.99, according to TIME.