WATCH: Here’s Why Every School Should Have Its Own Garden

It turns out that even the most amateur gardeners can be blessed with a pretty green thumb

This giant carrot turned a class of beginning gardeners into expert horticulturalists.

A giant carrot grown by students at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod in the small village of Cotuit, Massachusetts, is proving the importance of food education at any age.

The carrot, which has become a sort of pet for the young Cape Cod gardeners, is “pretty much the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” third grader David Corley confirmed to CapeCast, the school’s YouTube channel. And even though Corley says he doesn’t usually love carrots, he’s sad to see the giant carrot go (into soup, he assumes).

Starting the CapeCast segment by singing, “We don’t care what they look like, we’ll eat them any way they get put on our plates,” the students have become budding horticulture experts, spending at least one day a week in the garden during the summer, and even watching the carrot’s astounding growth during recess once they got back to school.

Once they finally decided it was time to harvest the giant carrot, the kids measured their favorite vegetable to discover that it was an impressive two and a half pounds, 10 and a half inches long, and nine and a half inches “around” — which we’re assuming means the diameter of the widest part of the carrot.

Watch the adorable video below: