Renowned Cleveland Hospital Finally Kicks Out McDonald's After Decade-Long Fight

The Cleveland Clinic, a multidisciplinary teaching hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, will finally be rid of a McDonald's franchise after a decade of trying to remove the Mc-burger giant, a hospital spokesperson has confirmed.

The clinic, a highly regarded facility that now has a location in Abu Dhabi, is particularly known for its excellent cancer and cardiovascular disease treatment programs. The removal of the fast food franchise, the hospital explained, is part of a series of measures aimed at helping its employees and patients alike to make healthier life choices.

"It's not about McDonald's," spokeswoman Eileen Sheil told The Agence France-Presse. "It's part of a broader effort by the Cleveland Clinic to try to change the conversation from sick care to health care." The Cleveland Clinic previously eliminated chocolate bars and sugary beverages from its cafeterias and restaurants, as well as the use of deep-fryers.

As a separate franchise, however, McDonald's was exempt from the hospital's healthier food and beverage criteria. At long last, however, the franchisee's 20-year lease will end in September, and the restaurant will close.