New Food Technology Allows You to Cut Sugar Intake in Half Without Giving Up the Taste

An Israeli startup is producing technologically-enhanced sugars that offer double the sweetness
New Food Technology Allows You to Cut Sugar Intake in Half Without Giving Up the Taste


DouxMatok’s elevated sugar also promises to be cheaper than standard sugar, given that consumers will be able to cut their sugar consumption in half. 

A food-safe, inert “carrier” particle is the secret to Israeli startup DouxMatok’s food technology that makes sugar twice as sweet, with the goal being that consumers will therefore only need half as much sugar.  

The company’s proprietary particle, already commonly used in food and beverage products, can be coated with natural sugar like sucrose and glucose to provide “sweetness equivalence.”

The goal of DouxMatok, the founders say, is to provide the exact same level of taste for a significantly reduced portion of sugar, a development that could have powerful results for the diabetic or unhealthily overweight. One version can be added to cake and other desserts to maintain the sweetness profile, while another could be used in soda production.

“Drug delivery allows you to take less of an active material and ship it to where you need it… You ship less of it and you create less damage along the way,” CEO Eran Baniel told Fast Company. “We do flavor delivery. You take less of the active material — the active material being sugar in this case. But you still use sugar.”

The particle technology is already in testing stages with manufacturers, and DouxMatok plans to begin licensing the technology.

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