Meal Replacement Soylent Now Comes In Chocolate And Fruity Flavors To Imitate Real Food

When Soylent launched in 2014, it was pegged as the oddly cold futuristic "solution" to eating: a nearly flavorless beverage that allows you to consume all of your daily nutrients without having to actually cook or buy food. But the producers of Soylent realized something: Drinking something so bland that it "is very hard to actively enjoy" isn't what consumers want.

Starting Jan. 10, Soylent will be available in two new flavors: cacao (a chocolate-like flavor) and nectar (a "custom-made fruity taste"). These two flavors follow Soylent's introduction of "Coffiest," an enhanced caffeine beverage that's supposed to replace your morning cup of coffee.

"Cacao's essence of velvety chocolate and Nectar's custom-made fruity taste developed in the Soylent test kitchen are the perfect complements to Original and Coffiest," Soylent's team said in a press release. "With a macronutrient profile matching Soylent Drink's Original flavor, Cacao and Nectar deliver 20% of daily nutritional requirements in delicious and convenient packages."

In other words, you would have to drink five of these 400-calories bottles to get the recommended amounts of daily nutrients .