A Low-Sugar Diet Makes Us Sensitive to Sweet Foods, but Won’t Curb Our Addiction to the Stuff

A new study published with PepsiCo found that a low-sugar diet is a lot more difficult to maintain than a low-salt one
Sugar addiction can be incredibly hard to beat.


Sugar addiction can be incredibly hard to beat.

Here’s the good news: With enough willpower, you can turn your dietary lifestyle around, and kick added sugar to the curb. The bad news is a low-sugar diet can be incredibly difficult to maintain, according to a recent study, which only further emphasizes professional theories that sugar can be a difficult habit to beat, according to Food Navigator.

The study, which was published by researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, in collaboration with PepsiCo’s global research and development team, tested our resilience to sugar addiction.

Scientists put participants on a low-sugar diet for three months and found that while most partakers had an incredibly sensitive sweet tooth at the conclusion of the experiment, there was a rapid rebound of about five months, during which time most of the men and women were back to their old sugary habits. Weaning had not worked.

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A study published earlier this year by the same institution found that if we remove sodium from our diets, our bodies are much less likely to crave it later on in the day. Surprise, surprise: Sweets are more addictive than salty snacks.