Instantly Determine the Nutritional Content of Your Food with DietSensor

SCiO, a molecular scanner, works with the app to collect accurate, user-friendly nutritional information

Scanner can only read homogenous foods, but users will have access to a food database of over 600,000 food items.

Keeping track of everything you eat and counting calories can be a pain. The DietSensor app intends to go beyond apps such as MyFitnessPal to make it easier to track food intake, even when eating out or eating homemade food. DietSensor is a CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards honoree for the first instant nutrition coach with sensors, according to its website.

DietSensor works in conjunction with a molecular sensor developed by SCiO, which utilizes spectrometry to provide an accurate analysis of a homogenous food or meal. The advantage with using this system is that the app can give accurate results with any homogenous food or drink, even homemade items that do not have a nutritional label. As for non-homogenous foods, DietSensor users will have access to a continually expanding food database with over 600,000 food items from 50 countries.


DietSensor is expected to go on sale later this year, according to Consumer Reports. The SCiO device will retail for $249 and the app itself costs $10 to $20 per month. Remy Bonnasse, co-founder and CEO of DietSensor, tells TechCrunch, “It’s the next generation of diet and nutrition apps. This will do all the heavy calculation for you. You don’t have to think.”