Here’s Why M&M’s Might Be Disappearing From McFlurries

Mars considers taking its candies away from already super sugary desserts

Wikimedia Commons / Evan-Amos / CC0 1.0

The company seeks to better convey its view that sweets are best enjoyed in moderation.

Confectionary producer Mars Chocolate wants to, somewhat ironically, help you watch your sweet tooth.

The company is considering removing its products from “sugary dessert treats,” reports NBC News, as it is concerned that these desserts, such as the McDonald’s McFlurry and Burger King’s Snickers Pie, exceed the amount of sugar recommended for daily consumption by the U.S. government.

Mars stands by the idea that sweets are best enjoyed in moderation, and a move away from being associated with these overly sweet, indulgent treats could be a strategic move in the name of image. To this end the company has also promised to limit the amount of sugar in all of its products in accordance with the guidelines from leading health authorities.

Though this move reflects consumers’ growing concerns about the adverse health effects of consuming too much sugar, some think that Mars is missing the bigger picture, says Reuters. Michele Simon, public health attorney and author of Appetite for Profit, says, “This is all junk food. It's kind of silly.”

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