This Guy Ditched Sugar, Alcohol, And Junk Food For A Month And Here's What Happened

When you decide to abstain from sugar for one month, the task at first seems like it would be easy: just clear your fridge of soda and juice, and empty your cabinets of sweet snacks and chocolates, and you're good, right?Sacha Harland, a Dutch member of the web video team, LifeHunters, decided to undertake the task of cutting out added sugar, alcohol, artificial flavoring, and junk food from his diet for one month, and it was a lot tougher than it sounded. He then proceeded to capture his journey in a six-minute vlog.

On day one, he got a physical (he was deemed pretty fit, except for high cholesterol), and proceeded to clean house. Harland threw out things liked iced tea, teriyaki sauce, yogurt, and practically everything else in his kitchen.

"So I have no idea what you're going to live on, Sacha, but good luck," one teammate says.

More than half of the Dutch population struggles with being overweight or obese, and Harland's experiment was meant to illustrate the impact added and processed sugars can have on your life. The first week, he felt fatigued and craved sweet and salty snacks.

By the end of the experiment, Harland lost some weight and his cholesterol levels dropped. He also confirmed sugar's addictive tendencies, because the cravings were gone: Harland's tastes completely shifted, and he now had more of a taste for cleaner, healthier foods.

Ironically, Harland is part of the same web video team that pranked organic food-loving people last year into believing cut-up McDonald's food was the latest gourmet food trend.