Eat More Fat To Lose Weight? Nutritionists Wage War On Low-Fat Diet Claims

In a world where low-fat and low-cholesterol are still nutritional buzz words, one British study is finally trying to set the record straight: In order to lose weight, you actually need healthy fats and cholesterol, and eliminating them from your diet will have "disastrous health consequences." A report by the U.K.'s National Obesity Forum and Public Health Collaboration claims that much of what we think we know about fatty foods and fighting obesity is wrong, and that governing parties that say otherwise are being influenced by Big Food.

The study says that contrary to what we've been told, "Eating a diet rich in full-fat dairy – such as cheese, milk and yogurt – can actually lower the chance of obesity."

We should especially be concentrating on consuming saturated fats and avoiding refined carbohydrates.

"The most natural and nutritious foods available – meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds, olives, avocados – all contain saturated fat," the report continues.

America is also in the midst of changing what it means to be healthy. After decades of the USDA telling us that fat is unhealthy, KIND bars won a legal standoff with the government and it will be changing the definition of healthy to fit modern science, specifically that nuts are considered healthy fats. The new FDA nutrition label will no longer include "calories from fat."