Bacon And Booze Linked To Stomach Cancer Risk

First, the World Health Organization labeled processed meats like bacon as one of the most carcinogenic foods out there, and now new research by the World Cancer Research Fund is taking it one step further to link processed meats — along with alcohol and obesity — directly to stomach cancer.

But don't get too worried. According to the study, your risk increases if you eat two slices of bacon every day, or three alcoholic drinks per day. Researchers also found strong evidence that preserved and pickled foods could also increase stomach cancer risk.

The World Cancer Research Fund hypothesizes that there would be 280 fewer cases of stomach cancer annually if people cut back on alcohol, and if obesity were diminished significantly, 710 cancer cases would be eliminated every year.

If you want to combat the possibly perilous effects of eating the occasional bacon and eggs meal, researchers also believe that frequent citrus consumption can help reduce cancer risk.