Never Gain Weight From Eating Pizza

This infographic shows exactly why you should be blotting your pizza

One slice of Domino’s pepperoni pizza contains 13 grams of fat and 324 calories (117 calories from fat).

It’s a fact of life: Pizza grease is inevitable (the oil rises to the surface of the pie when the cheese and meats are heated). Well, LabDoor Magazine has created an infographic showing that a slice of Domino’s pepperoni pizza with a hand-tossed crust contains 324 calories, 117 calories from fat, and 13 grams of fat, noting  that just by dabbing away the excess oil with a napkin, you can significantly reduce the amount of calories you consume when eating a slice.

According to the infographic, a blotted pepperoni slice from Domino’s pizza has only 283.5 calories (76.5 calories from fat), and 8.5 grams of fat. About 4.5 grams of fat and 40.5 calories per slice are removed when you blot, which saves you from gaining 1.9 pounds after a year, according to the infographic.

But could you actually lose 1.9 pounds after a year from eating pizza that’s been blotted? BuzzFeed reports that the information used to create the infographic comes from a marketing campaign for Georgia-Pacific, the napkin and paper towel company. The campaign apparently said that blotting your pizza removes up to 17 percent of the pizza’s saturated fat. So what are we supposed to believe?


It can’t hurt to blot your pizza for precautionary measures, but there are probably some more effective ways to make your pizza healthier, too. For example, you could top it with vegetables instead. So the next time you buy pizza, grab some extra napkins to blot the grease and save you from the extra calories.