hardees biscuit contest
Courtesy of Hardee's

Hardee’s Is Asking Fans to Create Its Next Biscuit Recipe

You can do it
hardees biscuit contest
Courtesy of Hardee's

Hardee’s recently added some new items to the menu and to celebrate, the fast food chain wants you to create its next biscuit recipe. If your recipe is chosen, you’ll win a year’s worth of Made from Scratch Sausage Biscuits and the chance to have your creation featured in Hardee's locations across the nation.

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To enter the Hardee’s Biscuit Challenge, submit your handcrafted biscuit ideas “in the form of an image, video, painting, song — whatever” to Instagram or Twitter any time between Oct. 28 and Nov. 6. Make sure to tag #HardeesBiscuitChallenge.

In addition to getting their recipe featured on menus across the country, the grand prize winner will also receive a $1,000 gift card to Hardee’s. Second- and third-prize winners will win $500 and $250 in Hardee’s gift cards.

The contest was inspired by the chain’s newest menu items created by Hardee’s district manager Bill Hopper from Wichita, Kansas: the Southwest Omelet Biscuit with a folded omelet filled with cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeño and applewood smoked bacon topped with American cheese served on a biscuit; and the Southwest Omelet Burrito, which is the same as the former served in a warm tortilla without American cheese.

To round out those offerings, the Hardee’s culinary team created the Southwest Patty Melt with a charbroiled beef patty, grilled onions, pickled jalepeños and melted pepper jack on buttery toasted sourdough; and Jalapeño Cheddar Fries with crispy natural-cut fries topped with aged cheddar sauce and pickled jalapeño.


The new lineup is now available at Hardee’s. The Southwest burrito and biscuit are each $3, the patty melt is $4.99 and the jalapeño cheddar fries are $1.99. For those entering the contest: Good luck! If you have any leftover ingredients, here are 24 things to make with biscuit dough that aren’t biscuits.