Hangover Taxis Hit London for Holiday Season

Staff Writer
New York, get on it stat

This hangover cab brings you noodles, orange juice, meds, and sunglasses to get you through your hangover.

The morning after a night out drinking has just been revolutionized; Kabuto Noodles in London has launched a Kab-U-To-Work service, where the noodle store will send over a cab decked out with a hot bowl of noodles with soup, orange juice, sunglasses, breath mints, and hangover meds, all to let you recover from the night before without having to deal with commuting. The taxi even plays soothing music to counter the ringing in your ears.

The Daily Mail reports that the service is free (say what?) and bookings commenced Dec. 11 through the holiday season. "We have seen a huge response online from noodle fans eating Kabuto, stating it's their favorite hangover cure," Crispin Busk, founder, told Daily Mail. "We wanted to take this a little bit further and provide the ultimate hangover service. Kabuto Noodles is the perfect snack for those with a busy lifestyle and with the hectic Christmas season in full swing we know that people need a helping hand."

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Even better, Kabuto plans to expand the service to other cities, allowing party-goers to pre-book their noodle journey at kabutowork@kabutonoodles.com, or tweet at @kabutonoodles with #kabutowork. The service is free until Christmas, with representatives saying that bookings are available up until Christmas Eve. After that, they might just start charging cab fare (they smartly decided to end the offer before New Year's). Now we just need someone to get on this stateside, and toss in a change of clothes as well.