Guess Which Fast Food Company Treats its Employees the Worst

Guess Which Fast Food Company Treats its Employees the Worst
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It's no secret that many fast food workers have to squeak by to make a living, but what's the worst company to work for?

It’s no secret that fast food workers across the nation are seriously griping about pay and hours. But who’s the worst? If you guessed the Golden Arches, you’d be wrong. CNNMoney recently did a study based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and found that over the course of 14 years, since the start of the millennium, Subway has been hit with 17,000 labor violations, which totals about $3.8 million that the sandwich shop franchise has had to reimburse its employees over the years. 

Subway did not respond to The Daily Meal’s request for comment in time for publication.

On average, Subway employees earn about $7.25 per hour, the national standard minimum wage. McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts are not too far behind when it comes to treating employees poorly.

It’s gotten so bad with Subway, the Department of Labor has offered to help the sandwich chain with their wage issues. Corporate headquarters of chains often blame labor issues on the individual franchise stores, as they are able to step back from responsibility, according to CNNMoney. 

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