Graham Elliot Heading to Greenwich, Connecticut

The Chicago chef is opening Primary Food & Drink this winter

Graham Elliot heads to the East Coast.

After the surprise closing of Grahamwich after Lollapalooza, Graham Elliot is expanding even farther east (although we heard rumors of a West Coast outpost).

According to a press release, Elliot is opening Primary Food & Drink in Greenwich, Conn., with seasonal ingredients, locally sourced when possible, to showcase "creative spins on well-known classics like Caesar salad, pot roast, beef Stroganoff, and Buffalo chicken."

"The name of the restaurant comes from the dictionary definition of the word primary itself, meaning 'first or highest in rank, quality or importance.' To that end, Primary Food & Drink’s philosophy is guided by three main principles: mastering basic, fundamental cooking techniques; using the highest-quality seasonal elements; and providing the greatest level of service and guest experience," the press release says.

Merlin Verrier, Elliot's right-hand man and director of operations for Elliot’s Chicago restaurants, will helm the kitchen, which will also include a "selection of classic cocktails and a wine list" of mostly American varietals. Opening date: winter 2013. Lucky Greenwich residents have plenty to look forward to.


Update: As to why Greenwich, Conn., "We've done events in Greenwich for the past few years and I fell in love with the town," Elliot tells us via email. "We were presented an opportunity to work with a friend that made perfect sense. I have family in Stamford, and my first executive chef position was in nearby Vermont." In the meantime, he's still working on a project in Las Vegas and looking into Los Angeles, as we've previously reported.