Get Beer-Fed Turkey for Thanksgiving

One farmer serves his turkeys beer to make them fatter and juicier

Beer-fed turkey for Thanksgiving, anyone?

Fans of beer-can turkey should keep their eyes out for this next beer-infused product: beer-fed turkey.

The AP reports that a New Hampshire farm is feeding their turkeys beer — specifically, lager — for a fatter, juicier, and all-around more delicious bird.

"It's not a strong, gamey flavor," farmer Joe Morette told the AP, "it's a nice turkey flavor."

Apparently the beer gives the turkey a juicy flavor, slightly different from the original taste. "We find the gravy is much darker, and much tastier," one customer said.

Right now, Morette, who has been serving turkeys beer since 1993, prefers serving lagers, as they pack in extra carbs to the system. And while PETA isn't too happy about this, field specialist Carl Majewski told the AP that if the beer quantity isn't dangerous to the turkeys, "it's just enjoying a beer with their meal. Why not?"

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Alcohol has reportedly been served to animals before; one myth concerning Kobe beef is that Japanese farmers feed their cattle beer to induce hunger (and one Cornish farmer is giving that a try). But of course, for some animals, notably dogs, beer can be poisonous. So all those beers for your pet dogs should be nonalcoholic.