gene simmons
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Gene Simmons Puts Ice in His Cereal

And he's been doing it for decades
gene simmons
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Gene Simmons mixes Oreo O’s with shredded wheat. That's peculiar enough as is, but it's far from the oddest thing he does to his breakfast. The 70-year-old KISS frontman also puts ice in his cereal — milk and all.

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On New Year’s Day, the 70-year-old rock legend tweeted, “Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?”

“No, absolutely no one does this,” one person said.

Another said, “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life besides the time one of my friends ate a banana wrapped in sliced american cheese willingly.”

And it’s not a joke. Simmons’ son Nick replied to the tweet writing, “30 years. 30 years watching him do this. This is my life.”

His daughter Sophie tweeted too. She wrote, "He didn't believe me when I said it was weird."

OK, let’s break this down. Although he offered no explanation, the "Rock & Roll All Nite" singer is clearly using the ice to keep his cereal from turning warm before he’s able to finish the bowl. Alas, this method could compromise the milk, making it watery and unlovable unless you’re a speed eater. Then, if you want to drink the milk when your bowl is done, you have to fish out the cubes.

So, people offered a word of advice about freezing milk in an ice tray so the finished product doesn’t get diluted. This is something people often do with iced coffee.

Then, of course, there were those who chimed in to support the cause because they too put ice in their cereal, or are planning on taking a page out of Simmons’ book, calling it “the greatest tip of the new decade.”

The only time Simmons offered a reply was to Oreo, which tweeted, “Gene is clearly living in the year 3020.” His response? “Don’t make me tell you what I do with your Oreo cookies, ok?” That’s … ominous.


It doesn’t matter if you mix your cereals or whether you put ice in a big bowl of milk. At least we can all agree on one thing: these throwback breakfast cereals need to make a comeback.