Food Truck for the Homeless Arrives in St. Louis

Churches on the Streets

We have food trucks for everything from lobster rolls to vegan baked goods and even grilled cheese. But this is one food truck whose motto may as well be “do good, and taste good.” That is the goal of Churches on the Streets, a non-profit Christian organization in St. Louis, Mo. that ran into trouble last year when they tried to operate a food pantry out of a private establishment without a permit. The organization’s solution was simple and creative; Churches on the Streets went ahead and launched a food truck for the homeless.[related]

Sponsoring restaurants cook meals for the organization, which then has volunteers pick up the food and deliver it to the needy in St. Louis. So far, they offer packaged sandwiches, snacks, coffee, tea, water, and pizza on alternating Mondays to the hungry population on a daily basis.

“Our goal is to have a team on the streets every night of the week feeding people who are hungry,” Angela Valdes from Churches on the Streets told The Daily Meal. “We are feeding hundreds weekly and believe that will grow tremendously as donations begin to filter in. We are impacting and changing lives through serving.”

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