Eric Ripert Promises 'Sexy and Modern' Le Bernardin Addition

With an opening date this spring

Eric Ripert plans to open the second wing of Le Bernardin this spring.

On Oct. 2, newly Michelin-starred chefs mingled with seasoned pros at the 2014 Michelin Guide Star Gala, and naturally, Eric Ripert was on hand dishing out seared langoustines to the crowd.

Le Bernardin, which maintained its three-Michelin-star rating for 2014, has been planning an expansion for some time now, taking over a neighboring space that is only connected via the basement. As previously reported, the two-story expansion will include private dining rooms as well as the Aldo Sohm wine bar. Opening date? "It will happen in maybe April or May," Ripert told us.

"We're taking our time, we want to make it the way we like it, and therefore we are very slow in the process," he said. "But we are not in a rush."

Currently they are still in the demolition stage, but Ripert promises enough space to accommodate 150 to 200 people in the private dining rooms, and a menu that allows them to cook fish à la minute.

"The wine bar, it will be very similar to what we have already, just different because it's obviously a bigger room," he said. "There will be very little food, just to complement the wines... we haven't decided yet what the food is going to be but it will be definitely very simple, not elaborate but something that goes well with wine."


Meanwhile, Ripert promises "sexy and modern" décor, with "a sexy and modern dining room, but at the same time luxurious and comfortable."