You Can Download A Font Called 'Times New Ramen,' And Yes, It's What You Think It Is

If you feel so strongly about ramen that you'd like those noodles to write the story of your life, you now have that option.

Developed by Ryder Ripps, Times New Ramen is the printed version of what alphabet soup is to lovers of the alphabet. It's also nearly impossible to read unless the font is enormous, so don't expect to get any work done with it.

According to Ripps, it started out as a joke on Twitter, but its path to credibility is closer than you think. Here's how his interview went with Fast Company:

"Obviously, Times New Ramen is a gag font, but can you see it being used in the real world? (Outside of ramen joints, that is)

"Gag font? That's what they said about the original Times New Roman font when it came out in 1931. Everyone was like, this is neither Roman nor New. I just think as a society we need to become more open to change. In the words of the great Steve Jobs, 'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.' And in the words of Margaret Thatcher, 'Oh my God, oh my God, If I die, I'm a legend. Oh my God, oh my God, if I die, I'm a legend.'"

Download Times New Ramen, if you're so inclined.