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This is What People Eat at Home During the Oscars, According to Grubhub

Vietnamese pho was the most popular food ordered during the awards show last year

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This weekend, viewers of the Oscars will be among the stars, whether you’re actually in Hollywood or watching from the comfort of your own home. If you’re like most of us, you’ll be enjoying a meal in front of the TV as glamourous actors and actresses receive their awards.

Grubhub, the leading online delivery service in the country, took a deep dive into its orders and found out which foods were trending the most during awards season.

The company found that the most ordered dish on Oscars night in comparison to other Sunday nights was Vietnamese pho, which was ordered 192 percent more on Oscars night than other Sunday nights of the year. Coming in a close second, taco de panza (pork belly) was ordered 174 percent more on Oscars night.

For the fancier folk on Grubhub, there was an 18 percent spike in orders of veal, with prime rib at 17 percent, and crab cakes at 10 percent.

Grubhub also noticed a trend in the increase of orders of fancy food during Oscars night among cities, with 30 percent more orders of extravagant food in Philadelphia, 21 percent in San Francisco, 19 percent in Denver, and 15 percent in Atlanta.


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