What Gordon Ramsay Cooks To Impress A Date And More Facts From His Reddit AMA

Gordon Ramsay — the world's most popular potty-mouthed chef — divulged his favorite recipe to impress a date, his favorite vegan meal, career advice, and more on his latest "Ask Me Anything" informal Q&A on Reddit. Here are some of the more poignant responses and fascinating advice we learned from the MasterChef judge.

If you want to impress a date: "If you really want to be the ultimate single guy, looking for the most extreme date, crank a little pasta machine, sit her down, serve her the most amazing glass of champagne, and just tell her to sit and watch for five minutes while I roll the pasta. Now rolling that pasta through the machine and cranking it down into those thin layers and all of a sudden you've got this tiny bowl of pasta, 5 minutes later you've got this 10 meter incredible rivered table of pasta. I swear to god, 50 shades, shadier, trust me, this will be 50 sheets of pasta in you duvet!"

His go-to vegan dish: "I would do the most amazing minestrone soup in a way that I would use the best vegetables, the best vegetable stock, and then I would finish that with some of the most fragrant herbs ever on the planet."

Best knife for an amateur chef: "Henckles knives, incredible. I'll tell you why. The secret of a great knife is in the handle. Because if you've got a firm grip and you feel comfortable and secure with the handle, you chop, you slice, much better."

When he can't curse on TV: "I've come up with great alternatives to cursing words. So, as opposed to saying 's***,' I'm going to go 'shiiit-ake mushrooms.' As opposed to saying the word 'f***,' I'm going to go 'fffruuuctose.'"

On his new online MasterClass: "The favorite thing for me about hosting this class was the level of depth and intuition I could go into. ... So to have the chance to cook like this at home, to give that proper breadth and depth of insight to every ounce of knowledge that I've got in my arsenal was important because it was uninterrupted. Uninterrupted cooking at the highest level... It's very rare on a personal front that I ever get a chance to spend that amount of time doing nothing but just cooking."