We Now Know Why Paul Rudd Works at Baskin-Robbins in ‘Ant-Man’

Filmmakers considered other chains, but settled on the ice cream shop

Scott Lang/Ant-Man, played by Paul Rudd, works at a Baskin-Robbins shop in the movie.

If you watched Marvel’s Ant-Man, you may have noticed that Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) scoops ice cream at Baskin-Robbins for a living. Screenwriter Adam McKay explained why in The Mothership podcast, hosted by USA Today.

First off, McKay told USA Today that the filmmakers imagined that Lang would work at Chipotle. Director Peyton Reed wanted to make Chipotle happen, but “Chipotle didn’t particularly like the context in which we were using their brand,” as Reed put it. The name would have had to be changed to “Chiplotnicks.”

The filmmakers considered having Lang work at a Jamba Juice, but they settled on Baskin-Robbins instead. “We talked about Jamba Juice, and then we landed on Baskin-Robbins, because who doesn’t like Baskin-Robbins?” Reed said.

Reed also said that the bright pastels in the ice cream parlor were a “funny contrast” to Lang’s prison scenes.

And — slight spoiler alert — comedian Neil Hamburger plays Lang’s boss. 


Ant-Man premiered in theaters on July 17.