We Didn’t See That Coming: Mario Batali Has Released a Pot Brownie Recipe

Just in time to celebrate Denver being in the Super Bowl, Mario Batali has released a recipe for marijuana-infused brownies
This weekend, get baked with Batali.

Wikimedia Commons

This weekend, get baked with Batali.

Now that marijuana has been legalized in multiple places across the United States, chefs are getting in on the “special baked goods” action. Mindy Segal was the first celebrity chef to create a marijuana-infused menu and now Mario Batali has bestowed his recipe for Double Chocolate Pot Brownies upon us. And if you think Batali knowing a thing or two about THC-laced brownies sounds like a load of orange crocs, then you should check out the instructions for yourself.

Batali originally posted the recipe as a guest editor on Food52 with a fair warning to only take advantage of the “special additions” if you live in a state where marijuana is legalized, like Colorado:

“In honor of those Broncos, their crazy mile-high city, and their weed-friendly state, I’m offering a rocky mountain high option. I’m actually making regular brownies but if you happen to be in Colorado or any other marijuana-friendly state, go for the add-in marked ‘Optional’ below.”

He also asks everyone to stay safe:


“All of the expected disclaimers apply. Make sure you purchase from a trusted dispensary. And if you do "indulge," make sure you’re not driving and that you’re hanging with cool people. Basically, don’t do anything stupid.”