Watch: Tiny Robot Performs Restorative Surgery On A Grape

To show the incredible precision of the da Vinci Single-Site Wristed Needle Driver — a surgical system still awaiting federal approval — its inventors took a video of the tiny robot stitching a peeled grape back together.

For reasons that remain unclear, the surgery is really quite charming. Maybe it's because of the cheerful music in the background, or maybe the thought of a grape being in need of surgery is just too much to handle.

Either way, we really enjoyed watching little da Vinci steady its miniature metal grips, pick up the torn grape skin, and place it gingerly onto the grape on the operating table. As the robot begins to suture the skin back to the grape's flesh, there's a sense of care and attention, imagined or not.

When the surgery is finally over, the grape has a slightly Frankenstein-esque quality, but we think that makes it look even cuter.