Watch: A Tiny Hamster and a Hedgehog Enjoy a Miniature Tiki Party

Even the grass skirts are super tiny
Watch: A Tiny Hamster and a Hedgehog Enjoy a Miniature Tiki Party

Is the tiny hamster your favorite food celebrity, or what?

Forgive us, but we really enjoy it when a cute little animal eats something equally adorable — like when a hamster eats a mini burrito, or a tiny spaghetti dinner, or faces off against world champion eater Takeru Kobayashi in a hot dog-eating contest.

There’s also the tiny hamster who’s a bartender in Japan.

So now that the weather is nice, it makes a lot of sense that it’s time for the tiny hamster to enjoy a lovely tiki party with his pal, the tiny albino hedgehog. 

To get things started, their kind human friend makes some tiny cocktails, and they meet up at the smoothie bar. Everyone looks appropriately sunny and tiki party-ready in their flower necklaces and grass skirts.

After some tiny tropical beverages, the little friends even enjoy some small bites from an appetizer plate. There’s only one small hiccup, as the tiny tiki bar’s bathroom is out of order.

Wait — this might be a commercial for a Clorox pet stain remover. If so, well played, Clorox.

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