Watch: Someone Put Together Every Doughnut Reference in ‘Twin Peaks’

Dale Cooper: ‘A policeman’s dream!’

David Lynch can really sell a doughnut. 

A Twin Peaks superfan has put together every single reference to doughnuts ever made on the seminal psychological thriller series from Mark Frost and David Lynch.

Sometimes, a scene doesn’t even waste space on characters, offering just gratuitously long shots of doughnuts being passed around.

Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the peculiar and precise FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, is an unabashed fan not only of cherry pie and “a damn fine cup of coffee,” but of pretty much any kind of doughnut, whether classically round or otherwise.

Aside from every doughnut visual to grace the show, there are also the times Cooper says with great urgency, “We need doughnuts” and “Gimme a doughnut.”

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