Watch: Shaquille O’Neal Shows You How to Make His Favorite Easy-Bake Oven Recipes

Get into the holiday spirit with this Easy Bake Oven baking lesson from Shaq, and consider donating to Toys for Tots

Shaquille O'Neal bakes his favorite desserts in miniature to help bring awareness to Toys for Tots. 

In collaboration with Toys for Tots, four-time NBA Champion and three-time NBA Finals MVP, not to mention occasional actor and symphony conductor Shaquille O’Neal, is taking the time to share with us his favorite recipes from an Easy Bake Oven — which looks like a dollhouse prop in comparison.

A cheerful Shaq shares his “holiday Easy-Bake Oven treats,” which are bread pudding and tea cakes (a special treat “for when you invite your bros over for tea and you’re checking out the mix and you’re watching the game, whatever”).

Shaq ends the adorable baking demo with on a serious note, imploring viewers to donate to Toys for Tots to help the estimated 14.7 million children who will not receive a single gift for Christmas this year. Find out where to donate in your area or volunteer your services.

If you like, you can also host a Toys for Tots event at your home, office, or other venue and help collect donations.