WATCH: Salma Hayek Tries Mystery Foods From a Box

The actress proved that she is up to try anything

Salma Hayek eating deep-fried frog legs.

‘I will eat just about anything — no onions, though,’ Hayek said.

On August 12, Salma Hayek was a guest on Andy Cohen’s Bravo show Watch What Happens Live. The Mexican actress participated in a segment called Will Salma Eat It?! with actor Craig Robinson.

Hayek was first presented with deep-fried frog legs, which did not phase her. “I eat them all the time,” she said. “It’s actually a very common French food. Usually they’re not this greasy, but it’s very good.”

Hayek is married to French Keurig CEO François-Henri Pinault, so she knows her French food.

Next up was a jalapeño, which Hayek gladly accepted. Then, she was given stir-fried silkworms, which was also not a problem, because they are a common Mexican dish.

Hayek was then presented with gefilte fish, with which she was unfamiliar. Cohen described it as “spam for Jews.” After one bite, she said, “I’ll stick with the worms.”

The final mystery food was spray cheese. Robinson did not think Hayek would eat it, but she exclaimed, “Gimme that! I will eat just about anything — no onions, though.” Hayek’s palate is surprisingly indiscriminate.