Watch: Boston Bruins’ Ryan Spooner Splits an Egg with His Hockey Stick

Are you as skilled in the art of balancing eggs as Ryan Spooner?
Watch: Boston Bruins’ Ryan Spooner Splits an Egg with His Hockey Stick

Photo Modified: Flickr/Sarah Connors/CC 2.0

How many takes do you think they filmed to get this right? 

Athletes tend to have much stricter diets than the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play with their food. In what’s being called the “egg challenge,” Boston Bruins center Ryan Spooner balances an egg on the edge of his hockey stick, throws the egg in the air, and then slices it in half while it’s still in the air. 

According to Yahoo, Spooner’s egg feat is in response to a series of challenges by fellow professional hockey players that has also featured the destruction of an antique vase and the breaking open of a piñata carrying tiny bottles of vodka.

If you’re looking for more silly food behavior from athletes, you might want to check out world tennis champion Novak Djokovic eating grass to commemorate his victory against Roger Federer (“I was assured that it’s gluten free, it’s not processed, completely organic and natural, and I could eat it”) or Amar’e Stoudemire taking baths in red wine.

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