Warner Brothers Is Using Wonder Woman to Market Diet Foods

The ill-conceived marketing campaign for diet protein and cereal bars has struck a nerve with superfans

Perhaps… not the most feminist move ever.

Wonder Woman may be an Amazon champion with the ability to bring criminals to their knees with her lasso of truth, but according to Warner Brothers, she moonlights as a diet food spokesperson. 

The questionable marketing partnership between the movie company and ThinkThin diet protein bars is supposed to celebrate the upcoming summer movie starring Gal Gadot.

But many are wondering if the sponsorship was a smart move for a woman who’s supposed to be focused on her strength — not on trimming her figure:

To be fair, this is not the only Wonder Woman promotion out there — there’s also Pepsi and Pinkberry — but critics are worried that this will send the wrong type of message to young superhero fans.


Gal Gadot herself was ridiculed for being “too skinny” when she was cast as Wonder Woman in 2013.