These People Completely Recreated the Simpsons Kitchen in Their Own Home


They like their beer cold, their TV loud, and their kitchen color scheme even louder.

Two Simpsons super-fans have accomplished something that our inner 12-year-olds would be proud of: They turned their kitchen into an exact replica of the kitchen from The Simpsons.When Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton were remodeling their home, they threw around ideas for a kitchen theme and only one stuck: a real-life homage to animated TV’s most famous family.

Since then, the couple made sure to get every last detail correct: They painted their cabinets lavender and red, strung up corncob curtains, covered the appliances in colorful contact paper, and even added the famous yellow and blue linoleum tiles to the floor. Andreychuk searched high and low for the perfect corn cob fabric from which to make the curtains (which are never closed on the show — after all, how could Ned pop in to say “Hi-diddly-ho, neighbors!”).


The couple jokes that their next project will be to turn their basement into Moe’s Tavern. We’ll raise a can of Duff to that idea!