There's Now A Dating App For Bacon-Lovers Called Sizzl, Thanks To Oscar Meyer

Attention, single, carnivorous ladies and gents: Have you found yourself frustrated with traditional dating apps, constantly swiping through pages of vegan and vegetarian would-be suitors?Fear not, pork paramours: this app's for you. Oscar Mayer has launched a clever marketing scheme that doubles as an actual dating app: Sizzl, aka Tinder for bacon lovers.

Here's how it works: you download the app, customize your bacon preferences (thick cut or regular? Crispy or slightly underdone?), and then swipe through single swine enthusiasts in your area. If you two "Sizzl" (aka you both have similar bacon interests and want to meet), then you can get together for what Oscar Mayer is calling a "bacon-wrapped date."

"In love, as it is in bacon, it's important to be discerning when selecting your perfect match and to never settle for less than the best," Eric Dahmer, marketing director at Oscar Mayer, told AdWeek.  "With the launch of Sizzl, we're thrilled to give our true bacon lovers the chance to find each other and potentially meet their soulmates, in life and in bacon."

People are clearly excited, to say the least, but will it catch on?