Ted Cruz Inexplicably Bought 100 Cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup Immediately After His Honeymoon

Heidi Cruz dished about her husband to CNN and revealed that he weirdly bought 100 Campbell’s soup cans after their honeymoon
Could this eccentric canned soup obsession cost Cruz the nomination? Time will tell.

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Could this eccentric canned soup obsession cost Cruz the nomination? Time will tell.

Can Ted Cruz can the competition (aka Donald Trump) to “cruz” his way to victory and the White House? Just ask his wife, who had to endure her brand new husband’s bizarre behavior post-honeymoon, when a young Cruz stocked up on 100 Campbell’s Chunky soup cans. In a recent Town Hall interview with CNN, Heidi Cruz dished on her presidential hopeful husband.

Here’s the unusual anecdote below:

“When I married Ted, we got back from our honeymoon, and he went off to the store and came home by himself. And I was completely shocked to see that he arrived back at our apartment with literally 100 cans of Campbell’s Chunky soup. I never bought 100 of anything.”

Naturally this raises many questions: Why on Earth would a grown man think that stocking a cupboard in a new marriage would consist of 100 cans of condensed soup? Apparently, Cruz did not think his wife would be cooking much. Heidi continued in the interview:

“This was shocking to me, so we had a tough conversation about it. I said, ‘You don’t buy 100 of anything, much less canned soup. We can’t do this. I’ll be making things.’ He said, ‘No, I know you. You won’t be making things.’ So the next morning, it was a weekend morning, I loaded up our car before he woke up and returned every single can. And when I got home, I called my mother just to make sure I’d done the right thing as a newlywed. And she emphatically disagreed with me. And so when Ted opened the pantry, I had to quickly tell him that I would go back and buy those cans again.”

To summarize: Ted Cruz inexplicably purchased a Costco-sized haul of canned soup, his wife returned all of his purchases and scolded him for his bizarre spending habits, and then went out to buy the same soup cans again.


The Daily Meal has reached out to Ted Cruz’s campaign for thoughts on this important matter.