Sorry, Mom! Malia And Sasha Obama Ask For Macaroni And Cheese For Christmas

As the two First Daughters of this great nation of ours, Malia and Sasha Obama could probably get anything they want for Christmas.But the two teenagers surprised everyone (except, perhaps, their First Lady mom), by simply asking for money and macaroni and cheese for their holiday gift.

"It will be some version of [money]," Michelle Obama said of her daughters' wish list at an event with the Children's National Health System. "They don't want me to waste my energy picking out stuff they don't want. So they'd rather just have the money." The Obama girls have also demanded mac and cheese as their Christmas meal, because they have impeccable taste."

No kid will turn down a stuffed envelope, but why the cheesy dinner request? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the First Lady has said that she focuses on feeding her family healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables and a well-balanced diet. Sometimes though, teenagers just want the good stuff.

If the First Family is searching for the best macaroni and cheese recipe for their daughters, we would suggest starting with The Daily Meal's list of 25 Amazing Mac and Cheese recipes.