Someone is Selling Kanye West’s Alleged Leftovers From Nando’s on eBay

Someone picked up Kanye’s leftover fry from Nando’s, and you can own it for around $12,000

You know Kanye has eaten other things before, right?

Last month, Kanye West surprised his fans in the U.K. by showing up at Nando’s, an international chain, to fortify himself before his performance later that evening at the Brit Awards.

Mr. West placed his order — a plain burger and fries, medium double-burger, garlic bread, chicken, and spicy rice — and then turned his attention to the horde of adoring fans who prompted the performer to climb on a table so everyone could take their Kanye selfies at the proper angle.

Now, the remnants of the infamous Nando’s visit have surfaced on eBay, which means that you can buy Kanye West’s leftovers.

The seller explains on his eBay listing, “[Here are] Kanye West’s leftovers from Nando’s from the London 02 Arena branch from his visit just hours before performing at the Brit Awards on the evening of Wednesday, February 25. I happened to be there. I know, lucky me.”

He continues, “I did not want to sell as I am a massive fan, but need the money really so [I] hope it goes to someone as avid as me.”


If you are that fan, the current bid is £8,000, or approximately $11,797.60 USD.