Someone Made a Replica of Cinderella’s Castle Using Only Twizzlers

This intricate recreation of the Walt Disney World Castle using only paint and Twizzlers is unfortunately not 100 percent edible

Disney World meets Candyland.

We’ve seen some pretty cool sculptures made out of candy, but this has to be the most magical creation yet. From the woman who brought you the dress made out of Starburst wrappers, comes this incredibly detailed recreation of Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle made entirely out of Twizzlers and a little bit of paint.

Emily Seilhamer is an artist and upcycler: She creates unique art out of unconventional materials. This particular sculpture is made out of multiple packets of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists, which Seilhamer separated by color before arranging this exquisite piece. The sparkly backdrop looks like the intro to classic Disney movies. You can see how she accomplished the whole thing in her tutorial video below:

She’s also created a Christmas tree out of brown paper bags and an Easter dress from her grandparents’ old wallpaper.


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