Someone Invented Quidditch Beer Pong and It’s Just as Glorious as it Sounds

Quidditch beer pong uses quidditch hoops, bats, and even a golden snitch cup to turn your party up to 394

Quidditch beer pong: combining your childhood dreams and college-aged realities in one game.

“Yer a beer pong champion, Harry.” Get out your bludgers, Buds, and buds, because it’s time for quidditch pong. Some genius thought up the idea of combining the fictional Harry Potter sport with the unofficial official college sport, and we wholeheartedly approve.

It looks a little bit complicated, but the basic idea is that you set up the usual pyramid of cups on either end of the table (preferably in the dominant house colors: red, green, yellow, and blue).  You then place three quidditch rings in the middle of the pong table and put a special snitch cup somewhere away from the table that is difficult to reach, but not impossible.

Frat bros and ladies alike then channel their inner Potters and Angelina Johnsons to try and get their ball in a cup — or to achieve the nearly impossible “snitch shot.” Shots made through a hoop may be blocked by a beater. There are also a whole host of spells that can be used during the game, like the invisibility cloak, where you cover as many cups with your hands as possible, leaving only one exposed.

After a few read-throughs of the rules, you’ll get the general gist of the game, and expecto pro-drunko! You’re ready to play.


You can buy your very own unofficial quidditch pong set online for $34.99, but we won’t send you a howler if you magic your own set with baseball bats and deconstructed tennis rackets.