Someone Actually Got a Pizza Rat Tattoo

First there was a street sign, then a Halloween costume. Now, someone has actually gotten a tattoo of the pizza rat

New Yorkers really seem to love the pizza rat. 

The infamous New York City pizza rat has been immortalized on someone’s leg, thanks to Magic Cobra Tattoo Society in Brooklyn. If somehow you missed the epic tale of the subway snacker, the pizza rat is a rodent who defied all odds to carry a full slice of pizza home for a well-deserved dinner.

“He’s a previous client of mine who saw the pizza rat and got really excited about it,” the tattoo artist, Kati Vaughn told DNA Info. Vaughn also added some pepperoni, not found on the original slice, “for a little texture.”

This particular client paid $250 for the New York-centric tattoo, but pricing depends on the size and placement of the tattoo, which Vaughn is happy to interpret in simpler or more complex versions for other customers. 


Ever since footage of the pizza rat went viral in late September, the local folk hero has been honored with a fake street sign, Pizza Rat Boulevard, and a Halloween costume, the “sexy pizza rat.”