The Social Media Team for ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Made a Really Dumb Decision

Whoever made this decision is officially having a bad day
The Social Media Team for ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Made a Really Dumb Decision
Twitter/Jay Caspian Kang

Eddie Huang, on whose memoir the show is based, called the graphic “flat-out terrible.”

A week before its scheduled debut on ABC, the sitcom based on chef Eddie Huang’s memoir Fresh Off the Boat has made a social media faux pas that reveals a pretty stark disconnect between the show’s creative team and ABC’s social media hires.

Around 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Fresh Off the Boat’s official Twitter accounted posted this ill-considered graphic with the phrase, “We’re All A Little #FreshOfftheBoat.”

Not surprisingly, pretty much everyone thought it was a dumb idea.

On Twitter, Huang proceeded to blast the creators of the graphic for perpetuating “offensive and ridiculous” reductions of different races.

Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang, whose son Hudson Yang plays the young Eddie, agreed.

ABC subsequently removed the tweet and explained that the graphic had come from a social media company hired to run Fresh Off the Boat’s Twitter account. ABC has not commented on the matter.  

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