A Slice of Beauty: Someone Made a Makeup Highlighter That Looks Like Pizza

The Internet exploded over this sparkly DIY highlighter that an Instagram personality created: Think she’ll sell it?

We always knew pizza made us prettier.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and one woman’s broken makeup kit can become a shimmery pizza highlighter.When Instagram influencer and beauty vlogger Gina Kay dropped her expensive highlighter, she was devastated.But thanks to her ingenuity and (probably) some serious hunger pangs: Kay turned her crumbly mess into a gorgeous pepperoni pizza highlighter.

"I decided to mix [my highlighter] with loose shimmer eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol to create a pepperoni pizza highlighter!"

As you can see, we have clearly defined layers of mozzarella, pepperoni, and crust, which all make for a (hopefully), shining, shimmering addition to your daily contouring routine.

Check out the beauty inventiveness in action below:


Made my very own pepperoni pizza highlighter

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And if you’re not feeling as crafty as Kay, don’t despair: We’ll just have to hope that she capitalizes on this Internet fame by selling pizza highlighters on Etsy.