They’ll flock to this restaurant like bees in a trap.

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Rapper 2 Chainz to Open a Restaurant in Atlanta

2 Chainz announces on Instagram that he is opening a restaurant/lounge/nightclub in Atlanta called Escobar

Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz, known for the two heavy metal chains he wears around his neck and unique music videos, is getting into the restaurant business.

The music artist announced on Instagram that he’s opening a restaurant that will double as a club called Escobar Restaurant and Lounge at 237 Peter St. SW in Castlberry Hill. The project is in collaboration with the nearby Hookah Hideaway, so presumably the flavored tobacco will be involved somehow in the restaurant. He’s hoping to create "one of the top spots for the upscale and celebrity crowd in the city."

You can see more details in his Instagram post: 

It looks like 2 Chainz will be following in the footsteps of fellow Atlanta hip-hop artist T.I., who also opened a restaurant in the area recently.

There’s no word yet on the type of food or drinks that will be served at the restaurant.  

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