Oscar Nominees' $168,000 Swag Bag Includes $280 Worth Of Maple Syrup

Birdman may have flown away with two of the biggest honors last night, but every one of the nominees went home a winner with an impressive swag bag, breaking the bank at $168,000 apiece. Each of the gift bags, which went to the 21 nominees of the major Oscar categories, contained, along with a fancy camping trip and a scary-sounding "non-invasive liposuction device," $280 worth of maple syrup goodies from Rouge Maple, according to Business Insider

Rouge Maple, a designer maple syrup company whose bottles look more like rum than pancake topping, allows you to adopt your own maple tree and buy pure maple syrup from your specific tree. That wasn't the only food-themed gift in the super luxurious swag bag: nominees also received $75 worth of ambrosia apples from Washington state and a $14,000 "lifestyle makeover" from Reset Yourself, which allows nominees to channel their inner Gwyneth with juice cleanses, $1,000 worth of Master Chef Wellness Cooking at Home lessons, $500 of nutritional supplements, and a kitchen detox program.

When you're done detoxing, someone also threw in $45 worth of organic cookies — gluten-free, of course.